control4 logoThere is a lot to be said for simplicity when it comes to audio products.  Unfortunately even the most basic 2 channel stereo system typically requires a couple of remotes.  Once you move into the realm of home theater, this can often put you at 4 or 5 relatively complicated remotes.  This makes using a system a chore rather than enjoyable.  This is where Control4 steps in.

Home Automation Controls for Stereo Purists

While those that prefer to listen to their music in it’s purest forms may not necessarily need a full blown home automation system, combining all of your remotes into one simple and easy to use interface is practical no matter how basic your system might be.

Anyone with more than 2 components to turn on and set to the proper inputs knows what I’m talking about.  And as soon as you introduce a media player like Sooloos or comparable high quality music library product you can forget about trying to use the factory remotes.  It’s just unworkable.

What About the Cost

Lots of people get hung up on the cost of home automation products.  This is especially ironic for those that enjoy high end audio since some will pay in excess of $30,000 for a pair of speakers such as the Wilson Sashas.  And you can easily pay $5000 per monoblock amplifier if you’re looking at products like Krell.  I can think of dozens of past clients that would spend as much on audio gear as they would on a high end automobile, but then scoff at paying $1000 for an easy method of controlling all of their equipment.

Of course there is the setup and installation to consider, and this will often run into the $1k plus range.  But when you think about how often you use your remote to use your system, it’s really money well spent.  After all, when you’re in the mood to listen to your favorite album, the last thing you want to do is have to hunt around for the right remote in a 4 or 5 step process to turn everything on.

I know that some guys take a certain amount of pride in being able to operate such complicated equipment.  But lets get serious, it’s glorified button pressing.  A chimp could do it.  So if you’re looking for the next upgrade to  your system get in touch with a Control4 dealer.  They can help you streamline and simplify your system.  For more information check out  Here you can see installations and even case studies about the best uses of home automation technology.

In the end the the convenience is well worth the additional expense.  And besides, if anyone else wants to use the system they won’t have to ask you how to do it.

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