krell monoblock

Krell Industries has a long history of manufacturing high performance audio components.  For more than 15 years their mono-block amplifiers have been considered one of the benchmarks of the industry.  They utilize massive power supplies so that no matter what speakers you pair them with you will never be lacking for power.  You’re more likely to cause the lights to dim in your house than to overwork one of these bad boys.

The Krell Duo 175 stereo amplifier is no exception to this.  Rated at 175 watts into 8 ohms or 350 watts in to 4 ohms this beast of an amplifier can push just about any speaker you can throw at it.

This particular amp utilizes Krell’s iBias technology.  This enables the amplifier to deliver huge sound without generating tons of heat.  While mono-block type amplifiers are not typically stored in equipment racks, these most certainly could be.  So how does this work?

Typically when you’re using an amplifier at normal listening levels, the extra power must be bled off through the heat sinks of the amp.  This means that the amp is actually generating power that the amp doesn’t even need.  With the iBias system the output transistors of the amp only receive the exact amount of power that they need.  This makes for a highly efficient design.  This same technology has a dramatic impact on the sound as well.  The mid-range frequencies have a much more rich  and full sound than in previous models.

Remote Monitoring

Another cool feature of the Duo 175 is that it is network capable.  This allows you to monitor all the relevant information about the amplifier in real time  This interface can be monitored from a computer or a smart phone.

The amp can be configured to email you or your audio video integrator should any of the diagnostics report an issue with fans, circuitry, or power supplies.

Overall the Duo 175 is pretty impressive.  It offers incredible sound and flexibility.  It’s one of the few audiophile quality amplifiers out there that can be rack mounted or in a more traditional open air environment.  Definitely worth a look.

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